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Live lit Agency

is the largest one of the Agencies in live streaming, gaming & short videos apps., was established in 2017 in Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Europe countries It allows you to live stream your special moments, live talk with your friends, show your talent or make a video blogs. And get salaries
Our head office: 5th settlement, Cairo, Egypt
Our branches: Saudi Arabia - Morocco - Italy

What is live lit agency - Live Stream

Live lit agency is one of the top agents of the best apps. All over the world which help you to get an easy freelance job and you are interested in also. by hiring talented people from eighteen ages in the live streaming apps. , host their own shows and interact with other users on the platform., our live streaming apps. is free to download and use, but does contain in-app purchases for platform currency. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.


for a following and make money in the process.

What benefit we have from this work: *

Actually Users purchase bean packages, ranging in price from $0.99 to $89.99, by credit card or PayPal to ‘gift’ or tip their favorite vloggers. Vloggers are then able to cash out them in-app currency for real world cash thus successfully monetizing their channels.

If you want to to increase also your audience our app provides you the share option to share your live via Facebook, Instagram, twitter & WhatsApp.

We are not only applying the live streaming, we also in a gaming apps and short videos apps.”.


1.Go Live and show your talent

Singing, dancing, eating, cooking, travelling, playing games... you can be in the stage to broadcast your best moments and invest your talent in your business.

3.Watch Live Shows

Explore the world through thousands of amazing live streams and live videos. Millions of talented broadcasters, passionate dancers and singers, big eaters, comedians, makeup artist etc. present you with a feast for the eyes. It’s a new way to know the world and the people you never knew about.


4.Match & PK

With several taps, our apps. matches you with the new friends & strangers nearby and around the world. You can chat with each other or start a PK to enjoy super excitement.

5.Game Streaming

Watch numerous live streaming for gaming or showcase your gameplay, such as PUBG, League of Legends, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, CSGO, DOTA2, FIFA, RoV, Rules of Survival and more.

6.Awesome Gifts

There are different kinds of virtual gifts to get salaries monthly including roses, rings, angels, super cars, luxury cruises, dream castles and much more. You can level up quickly by receiving if you are broadcaster with our agency or sending virtual gifts to your favorite broadcasters if you are normal user and have the chance to be a famous supporter to gain a lot of rewards.

Live lit agency provides you the Apps. which gives you power to start your own live stream anytime, anywhere. it’s not all You can watch the live Broadcasting calls which is making by others users. Here u will Show how to download it and join to win the Ultimate popularity& how to earn money.

How to Use our app.?

First You have to go on Your Smartphone’s app Store. If you are using Google play Store, then you can download it from google play store “bigo live”

Once it installs then You have to Sign up for first time. You can use your phone No., Facebook, Google plus, Gmail id to Login

Provide them the all Required permission.

Once you successfully register then they will redirect to home page where you can Watch all the Live Broadcasting. Remember you can talk with any of the broadcaster and join their talks and also you can send them the gifts of the app.

How to earn money?

1.first you must contact us to activate you to be a broadcaster and get salary, by sending us, this is an important step.

1. When you applied with us as a broadcaster, start live & anyone send you Gifts or Coins and achieved the less target of coins & beans then you can get payed salary Start from 80 $ up to 50000 $ and we will send to you in your bank account.

2. also you can convert these coins to diamond to send gifts to the others. Or you can also cash out your coins.

How You Can Earn More Coins: Steps Given Below

  • 1.As you know that everyone wants to see different so do something different like Show Live Video of Your Talent etc.

  • 2..When you show Different and Good Live Video then all the friends will start like you and follow you and he will give you More Coins & Gift.

  • 3..Share Adventures Live Video Because everyone Like Adventures.

  • 4.. Now increase your follower earn coins and convert it into money.

How you can apply with us?*

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